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How to Take Good Care of Your Umbrella [Umbrella Maintenance Tips]

Did you ever end up in wet in rain, because of your umbrella unexpected broke?

I did, many times.

Umbrella is kind of an emergency thing. You don't even think about it if you don't need it. They are easily damaged if you don't pay attention to the maintenance. And you have to buy a new one again and again.

According to study, in the United States, about 33 million umbrellas, worth $348 million, are sold each year. That's a large amount.

how many umbrellas are sold in us

So, think about it, how much did you spend on your umbrella last year?

Knowing how to maintain your vulnerable umbrella will save you lot's of money. Here are 10 tips to help maximize the life of your umbrella.

Let's get started.

10 Tips for Umbrella Maintenance 

Don't fight the heavy winds​

  • Don't fight the heavy winds

You may be wondering if the umbrella does not windproof, what's the use of it. Yes, of course it is built to protect from winds as well as rain. However, they will not protect from strong gusts. Therefore, avoid using yours in heavy winds, particularly by sea fronts and rivers.

Don't use it as a walking stick

  • Don't use it as a walking stick

Sometimes you may be tired after a long walk and you found your umbrella in hand is very helpful. So you might lean on it as your walking stick. That is terribly wrong and harmful to it. It may break the tube from middle part.

If you need something to lean on, find a wall or something, or call up a friend! Avoid leaning on your umbrella and using it as a walking stick.

Don't fold when it is still wet

  • Don't fold when it is still wet

Rust is the fatal injury of an umbrella. Therefore, always leave it open to dry to allow the fabric and materials to breathe. This will prevent the potential rusting of metal parts.

Don't dry it under sunlight

  • Don't dry it under sunlight

It stopped raining, the sun began to shine. And you think it is a best and fastest way to get the umbrella dry. No, totally wrong. Please leave it to dry away from direct sunlight or high heat to prevent fading. A wet umbrella prefer a shady place. Just leave it open and pointing upward in a cool place.

  • Don't put it close to raditors or hot places

Your rainy umbrella is waterproof and it may also windproof, but it is definitely not heatproof. Hence, keep it away from hot place like raditor. And don't leave a wet umbrella in your car during hot weather for a long period of time. Store yours in a cool, dark place like closet.

Don't fold it casually​

  • Don't fold it casually

Follow the natural creases of your umbrella, take time to neatly fold & unfold, to keep yours looking new. While your temptation may be to crumple the umbrella into a storable manner as quickly as possible, it is best to return it to it's original position. Proper storing will prevent any bending of the spokes or awkward creasing in the fabric.

Don't clean with other water

  • Don't clean with other water

If you look carefully, you may found there is a waterproof coating on the cloth. That's why it can protect you from getting wet in rain. Please do remember to clean only with tap water, as cleaning subtances could remove or damage the proofing coating.

Don't extend the shaft by throwing it open​

  • Don't extend the shaft by throwing it open

If you own a telescopic bumbershoot, refrain from swinging it by the handle. Extending the shaft by throwing it open, like a lightsaber or emulating a cricket bat or golf club, can potentially separate the sections of the shaft.

Remember, you are not Jedi. And the umbrella is not as powerful as a lightsaber.

Don't open and close it roughly​

  • Don't open and close it roughly

Be gentle, open and close your bumbershoot slowly and smoothly. This prevents sudden stress on the ribs, stretchers, and connecting pins.

Don't lend it to your careless friend​

  • Don't lend it to your careless friend

And the most important thing is, do not lend it to your careless friend. He might forget it on a table of a random restaurant, on the bar, or in a corner.


Now it’s your turn:

What is your way to take care of yours?

Go ahead and leave a comment below right now. Share your experience to help others.